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"Man is who is a Guest"

[Edmond Jabès]. Hospitality. Wait. Humanity. Are one. Hospitality is the only possible relationship of Man with the World and Man with the Other.


Ethics of Hospitality

Hospitality as vocation and lifestyle. A family and its home that spreads to friends and guests. Hospitality is not confined to a room, but within a t ...


Hospitality of Ethics

Hospitality takes care of the land, of its delicate balance, and is respectful of its culture. Hospitality that does not create garbage, that produces ...


MondoPiccolo and the art of writing

"BOUNDLESS IS THE HOSPITALITY OF THE BOOK" [E.J.]. MondoPiccolo bears the name of a collection of tales by Giovannino Guareschi, who was born here and ...

Rossana Capasso

I've always loved living downtown. Having the cinema so close to my house and the library around the corner. Then the 'meridian' thought of slow living convinced me. Love did the rest.

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